30+ Creative Gifts for Gardeners for 2022

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We’ve got the best gift ideas for the green thumb in your life. Our list of gifts for gardeners will give you tons of birthday and holiday gift ideas!

Here at Growfully, we have a soft spot for all things gardening. We’re an entire team full of plant lovers, so we feel incredibly confident offering you our favorite gift ideas for gardeners for 2022.

We cover every price range in our gift idea list—you’ll find everything from stocking stuffers to extravagant gifts. As expert gardeners, these are the exact gifts we’d want to receive! You can’t go wrong. Happy shopping!

Two trowels rest on soil, surrounded by baby plants

What makes our 2022 list of gifts for gardeners the best ever?

We have personally tested the gifts on this list! Our team here at Growfully purchased these items, tried them in our own gardens, and are excited to recommend them! We don’t accept freebies for any of our gift guides, so you can trust that we really do love all of these gifts.

We’ve also created this list to have a good balance between big box stores and small businesses. We also made sure to include options from diverse companies, including BIPOC-owned companies, LGBTQ+-owned companies, and woman-owned companies. Happy shopping!

Note: Many of these links are affiliate links. This means that if you purchase through our link, we get a small kickback for referring you—at no additional cost to you.

Garden Storage

Help your gardener stay organized or bring in their harvest with these garden storage solutions:

A collage of four helpful garden storage tools—a photo box, a harvest basket, printable seed packets, and colorful tubs.

  1. Photo Boxes for Seed Storage—Plastic photo boxes are an organizational dream for the gardener with a ton of seeds.
  2. Garden Hods—A really beautiful harvest basket makes harvesting garden goodies easier, but also totally Instagram worthy! This is the one we use and love in the Growfully garden.
  3. Printable Seed Packets—Gift a pack of these printable seed packets for the gardener who saves their own seeds at the end of the season, or fill them with seeds from your own garden to share!
  4. Tub Trugs—Every gardener needs at least one of these, and preferably an entire colorful set! These are the most versatile tools in the garden. Use them for weeding, harvesting, mixing soil, hauling compost, storing tools—almost anything!

Garden Decor Gifts

Plants on their own are beautiful enough, but we love to accent our gardens with decor that welcomes pollinators and other wildlife. Here are some of our favorites:

A bird house, a toad house, and a bird feeder in a collage

  1. Bird House—These cedar bird houses are sealed only with linseed oil, which means they will slowly take on a beautiful weathered look over time. They are each optimized in size and shape for particular types of birds, so choose the one that matches the feathered friends on your property.
  2. Toad House—Toads are always welcome in our gardens because they eat the insect pests that can infest plants. Give them a cool, shaded place to rest with a toad house.
  3. Bird Feeder—These simple, elegant bird feeders are a great way to attract beautiful songbirds to the garden. These feeders aren’t squirrel-proof, so if pesky squirrels are a problem, try this squirrel-proof feeder.

Three garden decor gifts: a rain gauge, bee house, and 'pollinator parking' sign.

  1. Rain Gauge—Help your gardener keep track of their watering needs with a rain gauge. We love this copper mushroom version.
  2. Teardrop Mason Bee House—Provide a safe space for pollinators that is sheltered from the weather and predators, and you’ll hopefully attract more bees to your garden!
  3. Pollinator Parking Sign—This “pollinator parking” sign makes a fun garden decoration. And it is treated to prevent rust, making it outdoor-friendly.

Three items that make good garden decor gifts.

  1. Rain Chain—This bright and beautiful rain chain works well as an alternative to a downspout, but it’s just as beautiful as a hanging decoration anywhere in the garden!
  2. Bird Bath—A ceramic bird bath adds some beauty to your garden space while also helping birds and pollinators.
  3. Bird Seed Ornaments—Make these handmade ornaments on your own or with the kids to bring birds to the garden.

Gifts for Gardeners to Wear

You can’t go wrong with a gift that protects your gardeners from the elements!

A collage of images of gifts for gardeners that people can wear: gloves, bug spray, a hat, and an apron

  1. Digz Gardening Gloves—We’ve used Digz gloves for years in the Growfully garden! They come in an array of adorable patterns and styles. These would make the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite gardener.
  2. Homemade Natural Bug Repellent—Our all-natural bug spray actually WORKS, and will keep mosquitos, ticks, and other biting insects out of your way.
  3. Duluth Sun Hat—This is our go-to garden hat! It’s packable, breathable, and comes in multiple sizes and colors to fit a range of gardeners.
  4. Plant Keeper Apron—Made of sturdy denim and hand worked leather, this apron was designed with gardeners in mind. While it is on the higher end of the cost range in this gift guide, it is beautiful and useful and sure to last for years.

Three gift ideas: a bee pin, a crop tee, and an enamel mug

  1. Bee Supportive Enamel PinCelebrate everyone’s favorite pollinator with this pin designed by an Indigenous (Acoma Pueblo) artist.
  2. Heirloom Veggies Crop Tee—The Growfully-designed line art on this cute crop top showcases all of our favorite vegetables to grow.
  3. Grow Your Own Food Enamel Mug—We love this durable and lightweight mug to bring our tea or coffee to check on the garden every morning.

Three gifts for gardeners from the Growfully shop: 2 shirts and a sticker

  1. Grow Your Own Food Long Sleeve Tee—This soft long sleeve tee is great for cool days in the garden.
  2. Plant More Milkweed Sticker—Show your love for milkweed and monarch butterflies with this colorful vinyl sticker.
  3. Never Stop Growing Triblend Tee—When you work in the garden, you aren’t just growing food—you’re also growing your heart, mind, and soul. Celebrate that with this triblend t-shirt, designed by us here at Growfully.

Garden Tools

Give their gardening practices an upgrade with these favorite tools.

Three images of gardening tools: micro-snips, a pruner, and hoe & cultivator

  1. Fiskars Herb Scissors—Meet the most-used tool in the entire Growfully garden! These mini scissors are great for thinning out plantings, clipping off weeds, pruning plants, harvesting herbs, and picking flowers.
  2. Pruners—A high-quality set of pruners is a must for any garden tool basket, and we love these simple ones from Fiskars. Gardeners frequently need new sets of pruners, so adding these to a stocking or gift basket is always a good idea.
  3. Hoe and Cultivator—This combo tool is an absolute must-have for every gardener. In fact, most gardeners have more than one because it is just so useful!

A collage of images of stocking stuffer ideas for gardeners

  1. The Vegetable Gardener’s Bible—This is the one book we recommend all gardeners have in their library. It’s a great resource for beginning gardeners, but it also has enough expert information for advanced gardeners to find useful for years to come.
  2. Rapitest—The very best way to get your soil tested is to go through your county extension office and get a high quality lab test, but if that’s not a possibility, these Rapitest kits will give you a good idea of where to start with amending soil. These would be a great stocking stuffer for any gardener!
  3. pH Meter—Testing the pH level of your soil is an important step to making sure your plants succeed—and this pH meter makes it fast and easy. Slide one of these into your gardener’s stocking, and they’ll be super grateful.
  4. Paper Pot Maker—Starting seeds is one of the most wonderful parts of gardening—it’s the first taste of spring! This pot maker upcycles newspaper into usable, plantable pots for seedlings.

Creative Gifts for Gardeners

What do you get the gardener who already has all the tools and equipment they need? We’re glad you asked! Here are some of our favorite unique gifts for gardeners.

Three gifts for the creative gardener: a kids' gardening kit, printable garden journal pages, and plant markers.

  1. Kids Gardening Kit—This one’s for the kiddos who love science or want to learn to garden. It comes with everything they need to grow 3 types of vegetables, puzzles, games, and art activities, all bundled into a cotton backpack.
  2. Garden Journal—Keep track of your planting schedule, your soil amendments, and how your plants do year after year with these printable gardening journal pages. With over 140 pages, this garden journal printable bundle has everything you need to make a beautifully-designed, information-packed garden journal today! 
  3. Plant Markers—Sure, you could label your plants with some handwritten wood or plastic tags. Or you could get these sturdy laser-cut wooden plant markers that look great and can be used over and over again.

A collage of images: a pin, a puzzle, a blanket for the garden, and an herb freezing tray

  1. Little Worlds Farmer Pin—Enamel pin enthusiasts will love this sweet gardening-themed pin.
  2. Tutti Frutti Puzzle—This vibrant 500 piece puzzle is a great way to pass a stormy weekend when you can’t get out in the garden.
  3. 5×7 Outdoor Blanket—Throw the carrying strap over your shoulder and bring your picnic to the garden. Both sides are water resistant, and it’s also machine washable! These are also sold in a smaller 5’x5’ size, which is a perfect size for kids to play and snack.
  4. Frozen Herb Starter Trays— Help your gardener preserve their harvest with some herb freezing trays. We love this silicone version because it is so easy to pop the herb cubes out once they are frozen. 

Four gifts for gardeners: soap, spa items, a botanical gardens membership, and an ornament

  1. Gardener’s Soap—This goat’s milk soap is loaded with exfoliants to help you scrub off all the dirt after a stint in the garden, but is also moisturizing enough to keep your hands soft.
  2. Gardener’s Spa Gift Set—Not only is this set filled with goodies to use during and after a long day in the garden, but it also comes beautifully packaged in a gift box, so it is a no-effort gift to give!
  3. Membership to Botanical Gardens—Gift a membership to the local gardens, so your garden lovers can wander and get inspired.
  4. Garden Ornaments—These hand painted glass ornaments are beautiful keepsakes, and come in all sorts of gardener-friendly shapes. Choose from a selection of your favorite pollinators, gardening tools, or plants.

Two books and prayer flags that make good gifts for gardeners

  1. Braiding Sweetgrass—This book, written by an acclaimed Indigenous horticulturist, is a beautiful mixture of scientific tidbits and rich, spiritual wisdom that is a wonderful read for anyone who has a deep appreciation for plants.
  2. The Forager’s Pantry—If you’ve ever stumbled upon a treasure trove of wild mushrooms or native berries only to get them home without a clue what to do with them, this book is for you! It has practical, delicious recipes featuring commonly foraged foods plus lots of substitution options if you don’t have all the listed foraged ingredients.
  3. Prayer Flags—We get lots of questions about the flags in our garden, and they are a set of these handmade prayer flags, traditionally believed to bring peace, prosperity, and happiness.

 We hope you’ve found the perfect gifts for the gardeners in your life! We sure had fun testing out all these products. Happy shopping!

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