32+ Gifts For Bird Lovers

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Looking for gifts for bird lovers in your life? We’ve compiled the very best ideas for bird lovers of all ages. See our favorites right here!

Watching the beautiful songbirds flitter in and out of your garden is one of life’s simplest pleasures! Not only are birds enjoyable to observe, but they are also wonderful additions to your garden—they help keep pests at bay and can acts as pollinators!

If you have someone in your life who is a bird lover (or even just a nature lover), you’re sure to find a wonderful Christmas, holiday, or birthday gift on our list of best birding gifts. Let’s get shopping to celebrate our feathered friends!
Two songbirds perch on a branch, facing each other

What makes our 2022 list of gifts for bird lovers the best ever?

Our team has tested all the items on this list! We at Growfully recommend these items because we bought these items with our own money and tested them ourselves. We don’t accept any freebies for our gift guides, so you can trust that everything on this list is something we truly love.

We tried to include many options from both big and small businesses, as well as diverse companies, including BIPOC-owned companies, woman-owned companies, and LGBTQ+-owned companies. Happy shopping!

Note: Many of the links below are affiliate links. Meaning if you purchase through our link, we get a small kickback for referring you—at no cost to you.

Gifts to Protect the Birds

A cardinal and blue jay, each next to their plush counterparts

The Audubon Society does a lot of education, advocacy, and conservation work to protect birds and their habitats, and with their “Bird Adoption” program, you can help fund their work. In exchange, you’ll receive a certificate of adoption, a bird badge, and a plush bird resembling your adopted bird.

Our favorite thing about these stuffed birds is that when squeezed, they play a recording of the bird’s real call, recorded by Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology. They make a fun gift for adults and kids! And if you want additional stuffed birds, you can buy them individually as well. 

Binoculars for Bird Watchers

We know that binoculars are popular inclusions on every list of bird lover gifts. But we didn’t include them here for a simple reason: we aren’t expert birders by any means. While we enjoy casual bird-watching, we have largely used family hand-me-down binoculars and haven’t dived into the intricacies of lenses and magnification on our gear. Instead, we’ll refer you to the Audubon Society’s guide to binoculars. Better yet, ask your favorite birdwatchers what pair of binoculars is on their wish list—chances are, they already know exactly which pair they’d like.

Books and Games

Provide your bird lover with some entertainment on stormy days with these puzzles and activities.

A collage of entertainment gifts for bird lovers - a board game, coloring book, and puzzle

  1. Wingspan—This award-winning board game has players attempting to bring birds to their aviary. With beautiful artwork and a factoid about each of the 170 unique birds adorning the cards, the 3D birdfeeder dice tower, and associated smartphone app that plays bird calls when used in conjunction with the game, this is a board game that will be beloved by board game fans and bird enthusiasts alike.
  2. Smithsonian Birds Coloring Book—This beautifully intricate coloring book is great for both grown-ups and kids! Pair it with a nice set of markers or colored pencils, and you’ve got a wonderful gift for all ages.
  3. Fowl Language Puzzle—There are some seriously compelling bird names out there—and this puzzle is in on the joke! Get this puzzle for the birdwatcher on your list with a good sense of humor.

Growfully Protip

A good field guide suited for their region is always a great gift for a beginner birder—just make sure they don’t already have a favorite on hand! We enjoy this North America field guide.

Clothing and Accessory Gifts for Bird Lovers

Help your favorite bird lover show off their fondness for our feathered friends with these wearable items.

A collage of a cropped sweatshirt, earrings, and a pin, all bird-themed

  1. Shortie Cropped Sweatshirt—This owl-printed sweatshirt is honestly one of the softest sweatshirts we’ve ever worn. Plus, 20% of the profits go to the Grassland Bird Trust, a group working to save the habitats of New York’s grassland birds. Sizes go up to a roomy 2XL, though they do offer other t-shirts and sweatshirts that go up to 3XL.
  2. Dainty Bird Stud Earrings—For a subtle nod to your bird love, consider these sweet, delicate sterling silver earrings.
  3. Old World Flycatcher Bird Enamel Pin—We are huge fans of artist Justine Gilbuena’s work, and this gold & enamel pin is no exception.

Three gifts for bird lovers - earrings, a tote, and an enamel pin

  1. Hand-Painted Cockatiel Earrings—While the stud earrings above are dainty and silver, this pair is charming, fun, and bright. 
  2. Woodpecker Jumbo Tote—Who knew there were so many kinds of woodpeckers? Spoiler alert: the bird lovers on your list probably did. Sales of this canvas cotton tote benefit Alabama Audobon’s Black Belt Birding Initiative.
  3. California Condor Enamel Pin—Support the Yurok Tribe’s Condor Conservation efforts with this pin depicting the critically-endangered California condor.

Bird Feeders

Different bird species prefer different foods and styles of feeders, so make sure you know what kind of birds are likely to show up in your bird fan’s backyard so you get the right kind. Here are some of our favorites:

A collage of three bird feeders, including homemade bird seed ornaments

  1. Bird Seed Ornaments—Making these simple ornaments is a great hands-on activity to do on your own or with kids, and they look lovely hanging from a festive ribbon.
  2. Jewel Box Window Hummingbird Feeder—Hummingbirds will be attracted to the bright red lid of this feeder, which is also super simple to install.
  3. Window Bird Feeder—This style of feeder will appeal to a wide variety of songbirds, depending on what you fill it with. We love that this bird feeder is transparent and suctions right to your window, so you can observe the birds as they eat.

Side by side images of two different styles of bird feeder.

  1. Ceramic Tear Drop Bird Feeder—These colorful feeders are simple, elegant, and sleek. But if other wildlife such as squirrels may be an issue, try this squirrel-proof feeder instead.
  2. Eco-Friendly Fruit Feeder—Spear apple halves, orange halves, or even grapes on the central spike of this feeder to appeal to fruit-loving birds such as orioles, American robins, and northern cardinals.

Backyard Bird Care

Welcome all the feathered friends to your yard with these favorite birdhouses and a bird bath.

Collage of two bird houses and a bird bath

  1. DIY Living Roof Birdhouse—This birdhouse is beautiful even if it doesn’t have a family of birds living inside! The living roof is not only beautiful, but helps regulate the temperature of the birdhouse, helping to keep your birdie tenants comfortable.
  2. Cedar Bird Houses—These cedar bird houses are sealed only with linseed oil, giving them a weathered look over time. They are each optimized in size and shape for particular types of birds.
  3. Ceramic Bird Bath—Every bird lover needs a bird bath! There are thousands of different styles of bird baths, but we love this simple glazed ceramic bird bath.

Stocking Stuffers

Small gifts like these are great for a stocking or to round out a gift package.

Four stocking stuffers for bird lovers arranged in a collage

  1. Chick Silicone AirPods Covers—These are the most adorable way to protect AirPods, wouldn’t you say?
  2. Chubby Bird Stickers—Does your birdwatcher have a favorite species? If so, you can nab them these adorable cartoon bird stickers. These stickers are high quality vinyl that can be used as bumper stickers, water bottle stickers, or laptop decorations!
  3. Duck-Shaped Paper Clips—You can’t go wrong with adorable office supplies, and these out-of-the-box duck-shaped paper clips are always fun.
  4. Bird Patch Club Gift Subscription—Everyone loves fun mail, so sign your bird lover up for a pre-paid subscription to receive Bird Collective’s high-quality embroidered patches once a month.

Drinkware Gifts for Bird Lovers

You favorite bird lover can show off their adoration of their feathered friends when you stock their kitchen with adorable drinkware.

Four drinking items adorned with birds

  1. Tea for Two Set—This sweet “big and little” mug set is printed with ducks, so you can have tea parties with your favorite little bird lovers.
  2. Charley Harper Bird Glasses II—Art by Charley Harper is always a winner for any bird lover, and these adorable drinking glasses featuring classic Charley Harper bird paintings are no exception.
  3. Chicken Wine and Whiskey Decanter—Talk about a conversation piece! This rooster decanter is beautifully made and will be the talk of your next dinner party. He looks especially beautiful with brown liquor (we store bourbon in ours).
  4. Paradise Color Changing Nordic Mug—When filled with a hot beverage, this mug magically becomes more colorful and bright. Includes a lid to keep your drink warm or to serve as a saucer.

Home Goods Gifts for Bird Lovers

Want to help fill their home with bird imagery? From planters to throw pillows to trinket trays, we’ve got the perfect gift ideas for you!

Three home goods that make great gifts for bird lovers - door mat, a throw pillow, and a trinket tray

  1. A Place to Call Home Door Mat—Charley Harper is at it again with this adorable door mat. It is thick and sturdy, and the design holds up well to the elements.
  2. Beaded Fringe Egret Pillow—This isn’t your standard-issue throw pillow—it is intricately beaded and sequined, and adorned with fringe that looks like rainfall. A partnership between Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow and Loloi, the pillow is made by hand under fair labor practices.
  3. Peacock Trinket Tray—A metal peacock whose plumes make for a spacious storage tray is both functional and elegant.

A collage of three gifts for bird lovers: coasters, a planter pot, and a suncatcher.

  1. Vegan Leather Wild Bird Coasters—These coasters are a perfect stocking stuffer or hostess gift for the bird aficionado in your life. They are beautifully illustrated and the colors are stunningly rich!
  2. Egret Savannah Garden Pot—This bird-shaped planter in two pieces allows for adequate drainage while adding whimsy to your plant displays.
  3. Bird Sun Catcher Window Decal—A repositionable window sun catcher will leave your room streaked with bright rainbows on every sunny day.

Bird-Themed Foods

Edible gifts are always a good choice in our books. They’re consumable and don’t clutter up anybody’s home—a win all around!

A collage of birds & beans coffee, tea, and simple syrup bottles

  1. Birds & Beans Coffee—The coffee industry has demolished forests in the interest of creating more efficient and productive coffee farms, which has resulted in habitat loss for many birds. Birds & Beans sells coffee only from Smithsonian Bird Friendly certified shade or partial shade farms to help protect migratory birds and local wildlife. You can buy individual bags or get your friends and family a coffee subscription from Birds & Beans.
  2. Flying Bird Tea Trio—Flying Bird Botanicals uses local organic farms to source the herbs and other ingredients for their tea. We especially enjoyed the Blueberry Morning Herbal Tea in this set.
  3. Meadowland Simple Syrup Sweet Bird Collection—The beautiful illustrations on these labels hint at the delicate floral and fruit flavors of the simple syrups inside. 

This list should help you mark your bird lovers off your shopping list. Happy shopping!

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