Donation Program

Our company donates 15% of our profits to charities that focus on increasing food sovereignty and equity among underserved groups—particularly Black and Indigenous communities in the United States.

We consider these donations a small portion of reparations for years of systemic abuse. Our donation program is one part of a larger initiative within our company to actively work toward becoming allies to BIPOC communities. We understand that the anti-racism and decolonization work will never be complete.

Our quarterly donations are split evenly between three worthwhile organizations: 

Since July 2020, we have donated $23,685.22 through this program. You can see the exact donation amounts for each quarter below.

  • 2022 Q2: $911.70
  • 2022 Q1: $2,529.90
  • 2021 Q4: $2,529.90
  • 2021 Q3: $2,515.96
  • 2021 Q2: $3,752.25
  • 2021 Q1: $3,858.35
  • 2020 Q4: $3,458.09
  • 2020 Q3: $2,590.63
  • 2020 Q2: $1,538.44
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