How to Start a Garden

Your gardening journey starts right here.

We have everything you need to get started gardening right here. Even if you’ve never touched a seed packet before, we can get you growing lush, beautiful, delicious vegetables right at home. We’ve pulled together all of our favorite beginner gardening resources to get you growing!

Let's get started!
Step 1

Step 2

Plan and Prepare For Your Garden

Before you buy a single seed packet, we need to get your mind in planning and preparation mode. Start with these how-to guides before you order your seeds:

Step 3

Build Your Garden

Time to dust off your shovel and start building! Follow these posts to get your garden built:

Step 4

Plant Your Garden

Time for the most fun part of all—planting! Let’s get your hands dirty and get you growing. Learn how to get your garden filled here:

Step 5

Growing for Life!

You are officially gardening—YAY! Now let’s keep your gardening successful and productive. Check out these articles on how to maximize your growing space:

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5 Secrets to Starting a Garden


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