Printable Seed Packets for Seed Saving & Sharing

Two seed packets with handwritten labels, next to sliced beets.
Printable At-A-Glance
Saving seeds from your favorite plants is a great way to share seeds with friends, family, and the rest of the community. Here is an amazing free printable seed packet template for your garden.

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Handmade gifts are my favorite to give (and receive!), and these adorable printable seed packets couldn’t be easier to whip up. Print these seed packets on paper in your printer, cut, assemble, and then fill with your favorite seeds to give an incredibly thoughtful gift to your loved ones!

Of course, this seed packet template isn’t just a winner for gift-giving—it’s also a great way to keep your own seed collection organized! This template was designed by me—a Master Gardener with over 30 years of gardening experience—so you know I included all the right info to make sure you can keep your seeds organized and have tons of growing success. Let’s get crafting!

A hand holds up a seed envelope with a hand written label

Why should I save seeds?

From a financial standpoint, few things save as much cash in the garden as saving your own seeds. Just a few minutes worth of work can save you tons of money in seed company purchases.

From a gardening standpoint, by saving seeds from your strongest plants, you are genetically evolving your seed stash to thrive in your garden’s microclimate! Sure, the seeds that you get from your favorite seed company across the country are good, but the seeds you’re saving are perfectly suited for your region.

A brown paper envelope tips melon seeds into the hand holding the envelope. The envelope is labeled with planting information

Why should I gift seeds to my loved ones?

A gift of seeds—especially seeds you saved from your own garden—is like giving away a little piece of your garden! In a similar way to giving away kombucha or sourdough starter, giving away seeds can be a wonderful way for your loved ones to be connected to you no matter where they live!

Seeds are also an incredibly practical gift—who doesn’t want more fresh, delicious, healthy produce and beautiful flowers? Seeds are also a consumable gift that are inherently environmentally-friendly. Don’t want to add clutter to your loved one’s homes? Don’t want to support the mega-corporations polluting our planet? Want to do your part to curb over-consumerism? Saving your own seeds and gifting them is a beautiful and thoughtful place to start.

Growfully Protip

Want to give seeds, but your giftees don’t have a green thumb? No worries, we’ve got a list below of some easy-to-grow options that work for just about anyone.

Three seed packets with handwritten labels, next to sliced beets, lettuce, and dill.

How long do seeds stay good for?

It largely depends on what kind of plant it is. We recommend starting your seed saving and sharing with flowers and herbs such as cilantro, basil, or dill. All of these seeds are easy to harvest and save, and most of them will store for at least a few years.

How should I organize or gift these seeds?

When storing seeds for personal use, we’re big fans of these colorful photo boxes. We organize the Growfully Garden seeds into two of these photo boxes (one for veggies and one for flowers and herbs), and it’s been life-changing!

For gifts, a wide mouth pint-and-a-half jar or a large square tea tin is the perfect size for packing up a handful of seed envelopes. Tie them up with a pretty ribbon, and your DIY gifts are ready to go!

Growfully Protip

If you want to make a bigger gift set, we recommend checking out some of our favorite gardening tools and combining your seed gift with a tool or two.

A hand with red polished nails arranges seed packets in a glass mason jar for gifting

Printable seed packets template

Ready for your free printable seed packets template? These can be printed on any foldable paper—in these photos, we used plain text kraft paper. Card stock is also a great choice, although it will be slightly harder to fold.
Sample of a printable seed packet template

To give you the greatest flexibility possible, we’ve kept these as plain seed packet templates. On the front, we have spots for the seed type, whose garden these seeds came from (yours!), and notes. You can use this section for writing your favorite growing tips, variety descriptions, or any fun garden tidbit. On the back of the envelope, you can write in the seed sowing depth, spacing, and general planting time to help your friends and family successfully grow your seeds!

Download printable seed packets template here

Growfully Protip

If you’re gifting seeds to new gardeners, pair some seeds with our printable Growing Guide one-sheets!

How to fold seed packets:

  1. Download the printable seed packets template. Print the template on a piece of paper. Regular paper works, but so does colored or kraft paper.
  2. Cut along the solid line (the outside edge of the seed packet).
  3. Fold the seed packet on the dashed lines.
  4. Apply glue along the dotted areas on the flaps labeled “A” and B.” We recommend using a tape roller—it’s what we’ve had the best results with!
  5. Fold “A” and “B” flaps in, and then close the big “C” flap over top to seal.
  6. Fill in the information on the blanks of the seed packet.
  7. Fill the seed packet with seeds.
  8. To close the top flap (“D”), apply a line of repositionable tape runner on the underside of the flap. Fold down and press to close. This allows the packet to be resealable for many uses!

A hand with polished nails holds up three brown paper seed envelopes with hand written labels.

How to seal printable seed packets

Our favorite way to seal seed packets is with a repositionable tape runner. This makes it easy to get the tape exactly where you want it, and makes the seed envelopes resealable! But if you don’t have a tape runner, a glue stick will work in a pinch.

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